Revitalizing A Business In Maui – Transactional Business

Negotiating to facilitate a business charters purchase.

Case Summary:

  • Helped client successfully acquire snorkeling charter business in Maui, Hawaii in exchange for forgiveness of debt owed by seller.
  • Navigated Hawaii regulatory issues pertaining to maritime and environmental licenses necessary to carry out snorkeling charter.

Company Acquisition and Regulation Navigation

One of our Firm’s existing clients approached it with an unorthodox proposition—he wanted to buy a snorkeling charter company in Maui, Hawaii. The snorkeling charter’s owner had owed the client money, and the client was interested in accepting the shares of the company in lieu of the money owed. Our Firm successfully navigated the purchase of all of the outstanding shares in the Hawaii entity, as well as the regulatory challenges of transferring various Hawaii state environmental and nautical permits and certificates that allowed the snorkeling charters to continue. The transaction closed successfully, and the client has transformed and modernized the business through digital marketing. 

The snorkeling company, in addition to its regular daily charters, can now be found providing private snorkeling charters to celebrities (such as NFL quarterback Russell Wilson) and appearing in the HBO series “The White Lotus.”