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At its core, the firm is about people. Where we can add value, our job is to first educate, then execute.


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  • High Standards
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To Effectively Educate Clients about the Law and Guide Them on How

To Use it to Their Advantage. There is rarely 100% certainty with any judicial process. Understand your options.

Welcome to the Gupta Legal Center

The majority of our practice centers around civil litigation with an emphasis and Real Estate and Corporate Matters. We also work with a variety of clients on bankruptcy and transactional matters.


Civil Litigation

Attorneys love the term “Complex Litigation”. The reality is that most litigation disputes aren’t complex. Two or more parties have a disagreement. One or more of the parties is usually being unreasonable, isn’t communicating effectively, or simply doesn’t understand the implications of their actions. After exhausting all available options, a lawsuit has to be filed.

Most litigation is not complex, but it is emotionally and financially draining. Litigation is what is called an “unanticipated transaction cost” and its an expensive cost at that. The finances coupled with the length of time and uncertainty can make litigation challenging.

We can educate you about the process and help you understand all your options.


Bankruptcy Services

We’re not your run-of-the-mill bankruptcy firm. Ajay Gupta, esq. is one of 12 certified bankruptcy specialists in San Diego County. Mr. Gupta’s expertise coupled with our litigation experience gives us a unique insight into the world of bankruptcy. Our firm’s expertise in this arena is so well respected that many attorneys turn to us to handle their complex bankruptcy matters.

That being said, we do handle a wide array of debtor and creditor matters. Our firm has filed over 400 Chapter 7 bankruptcies. Our clients received a discharge in every Chapter 7 bankruptcy case we’ve filed except two. In those instances, the only reason our client did not receive a discharge is because the Client did not show up for the mandatory 341 hearing.

Call us to understand what you’re getting into before you file.


Other Matters

Most of our transactional clients start with a small litigation or bankruptcy matter. After working with us, we generate a relationship and we continue to service them on a wide array of issues.

Whether you’re drafting a contract, negotiating a partnership, working through a government administrative issue, or buying real estate, our firm can help guide you through the process.

If you’re having an issue that you think needs legal input, call us and we can help you understand whether or not it needs additional attention.

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"Mr.Gupta is a strong advocate for
his clients and well versed in his craft.
A well rounded lawyer providing his clients
quality representation and positive results!"

Marco Torres, Esq.
San Diego Attorney

MEK has been working with the Gupta Legal Center for 4 years.
Over the course of that time, they've guided me through
a half a dozen litigation matters and countless transactional issues
Over that same period of time, our business has grown 10 fold
and expected to be at 120 employees by the end of 2015
I couldn't have done it without Ajay and his staff. They're more
than just my advocates; they are my friends.

Marc Kranz
CEO, MEK Enterprises, Inc.

" I have worked with Ajay as co-chairs of the Bankruptcy Section...
We have also appeared together (although on opposite sides)
in a contested bankruptcy matter. Ajay is bright,
hard-working, a passionate practitioner, and very dedicated. "

Kathleen Cashman-Kramer, Esq.
San Diego Attorney

" I was sued for a personal transaction (selling a car).
After talking with about 5-6 lawyers from the Hyatt Legal Plan.
I chose Gupta Legal Center. Their office is very professional and responsive.
They reviewed my case, and I talked their lawyer,
Mr. Ajay Gupta, who is very professional, straight forward,
speaking at your level, well-connected, honest, and very bright.
They set the goal and expectation, and get to work on the case right away. "