Commercial Landlord With Destructive Tenant Gets Property Back

Removal of destructive tenant and sale of property make commercial landlord closer to whole.

Case Summary:

  • Successfully and swiftly returned possession of commercial property to the Firm’s commercial landlord-client
  • The Firm assisted the landlord with the public sale of thousands of dollars worth of personal property left behind by the former tenant.

Removing A Destructive Tenant 

A commercial landlord came to our Firm seeking assistance with a very troublesome tenant who agreed to lease the commercial landlord’s office-warehouse space in San Diego.  The commercial tenant had a laundry list of misdeeds, including non-payment of rent, discharging firearms, drug use, intentionally setting fires, causing floods, committing waste, and even housing himself and others in the commercial property.  Simply put, the tenant was wreaking havoc in the recently constructed business park where the property in question was located and the tenant needed to go.  Our Firm was able to immediately step in and assist the commercial landlord to efficiently (and legally) remove the tenant from the property and allow the landlord to finally regain possession of the property. 

Upon the tenant vacating, however, a 6,500 square foot warehouse remained ravaged and was filled with a wide assortment of the prior tenant’s personal property.  Our Firm was able to guide the landlord and further assist him by noticing a sale and auction of the former tenant’s personal property such that the landlord could be reimbursed for a portion of the damage caused by the tenant’s mayhem and illegal conduct at the property.