Interdependent, Dual-Tracked Acquisition Transaction

Exchanging debt for ownership in a multifamily property acquisition.

Case Summary:

  • Assisted real estate developer clients in structuring the acquisition of a multifamily property subject to a significant judgment lien
  • Drafted transactional documents for interdependent, dual-tracked acquisition--compensating judgment lienors in exchange for release and paying owner in exchange for title.

Transactional Acquisition Of Multifamily Property

Two contacts of the Firm approached it for counseling regarding their proposed acquisition of a multifamily property in San Diego. There was just one problem—that same property was currently subject to a large judgment against the property’s current owner.

The Firm was able to negotiate and structure a deal in which the clients would compensate the judgment creditors in exchange for their release of the judgment and associated encumbrances, while simultaneously assisting the client in purchasing the property itself from the judgment debtor.

Ultimately, the deal closed and the client is now well into remodeling and revamping the property.