Civil litigation is our firm’s primary area of focus. The Gupta Legal Center handles a variety of different types of civil cases but our main emphasis is on real estate litigation. We have represented clients involved in boundary/title disputes, hard money disputes between borrowers and lenders, mishandled loan modification cases, and breach of contract disputes related to the purchase of real property, among other matters. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in nearly every type of real estate dispute and we use our vast experience and expertise to successfully guide our clients through difficult times.

In addition to real estate litigation, we rely on our expertise in bankruptcy law to advise clients during the course of general civil litigation. We can help plaintiffs evaluate the strength of their judgments or potential judgments by analyzing the likelihood that a particular defendant may file for bankruptcy. This type of analysis helps clients to more accurately quantify the strengths of their case, which in turn helps them to make a more informed decision regarding whether or not to pursue litigation, which is often costly and time-consuming. We also advise defendants and judgment debtors as to possible ramifications of judgments. This too helps our clients to analyze their unique situation and allows them to navigate the proper course of action that best suits their particular legal needs.

While the primary focus of the Gupta Legal Center is on civil litigation, the firm’s roots are also firmly planted in bankruptcy law. Ajay Gupta, Esq. is certified as a bankruptcy specialist by the State Bar of California, one of only 12 individuals in San Diego County with this certified specialization. Mr. Gupta has practiced bankruptcy law in San Diego since he founded the firm in 2008. He has previously served as co-chair for the Bankruptcy Law Section of the San Diego County Bar and is a well respected pillar of the San Diego Bankruptcy community.

However, the Gupta Legal Center is not your run-of-the-mill bankruptcy firm. Mr. Gupta utilizes both his expertise in bankruptcy law and his vast civil litigation experience to provide clients with a unique legal perspective. This enables him to adeptly navigate his clients through various areas of the law in order to find effective, personalized solutions for each client’s particular legal needs. In fact, fellow attorneys often turn to Mr. Gupta to seek advice on bankruptcy matters for their own clients, and partner referrals make up a large part of the Gupta Legal Center’s bankruptcy clientele.

Mr. Gupta’s expertise in bankruptcy law allows the firm to focus on more complex bankruptcy issues that other firms may not be as well versed in, such as Chapter 11 and other nuanced debt matters. However, the Gupta Legal Center also handles a wide array of debtor and creditor matters. The Gupta Legal Center has filed over 400 Chapter 7 bankruptcies as well as a large number of Chapter 13’s. We have helped hundreds of San Diegans eliminate debt and achieve a financial fresh start through bankruptcy protection.

Not every client needs assistance with civil litigation or with filing for bankruptcy. Often times, people simply need advice on a certain legal matter or help with preparing or reviewing a particular document. The Gupta Legal Center also provides services to assist clients with these needs.

We have helped numerous clients with reviewing and drafting contracts, negotiating partnerships, buying and selling real estate, working through government administrative issues, as well as resolving HOA disputes. We also assist clients with issuing or responding to demand letters; often times these demand letters serve as a precursor to commencing litigation.

The Gupta Legal Center is well-equipped to meet nearly all of your legal needs.

our advantages

Expertise in a Wide Array of Legal Areas

We use our expertise in civil litigation, bankruptcy matters, and business law to provide our clients with a unique, interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.

Personal, Hands-On Approach

The size of our firm allows us to provide clients with direct access to high-level legal expertise.  Our attorneys are accessible and available to handle our clients’ legal matters directly.

Record of Success for Our Clients

Unlike other firms, who may only take on certain type of clients, we represent a wide variety of clients in both plaintiff and defendant-side litigation.  More importantly, we have a proven track record of success.

Why Choose Us?

We provide our clients with the unique legal guidance that best serves their needs

The size of our firm and the breadth of our expertise allows us to provide our clients with high-level legal counsel and personal service, a unique combination compared to most other firms.


I contacted the Gupta legal center for advice regarding a real estate litigation case. Ajay gave me sound and knowledgeable advice. I would feel comfortable choosing him and his services, agree with the previous reviews that recommend his agency.

John K.
Milford city (balance), CT

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