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A Little Background

Ajay Gupta founded Gupta Evans and Associates, then Gupta Legal Center, over 10 years ago in 2008. Mr. Gupta graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in 2005 and began his career with a boutique real estate firm in La Jolla, California focused on real estate title disputes.  At its inception in 2008, the Firm focused largely on secured debtor and creditor matters in bankruptcy court.

Chris S. Evans is also a graduate of USD Law. Mr. Evans spent his first two years with a real estate litigation firm in Los Angeles, California prior to joining the practice in 2015. Mr. Gupta and Mr. Evans developed an excellent working relationship and together quickly began to grow the Firm. In 2018, Mr. Evans became an equity partner of the Firm and Gupta Legal Center became Gupta Evans and Associates.

The Firm has grown and developed its practice primarily around the areas of corporate and real estate litigation with a strong leaning towards creditor and debtor matters.  Our approach and “win column” is addressed in a little more detail below, but, ultimately, the firm centers around Ajay and Chris.  It’s their personality that permeates everything that happens here.


Objective Empathy, Open Communication, Education and Execution are the fundamental pillars upon which the Firm is built.

People come to us with issues that need a resolution.  In many instances, we don’t have the tools or the resources to help those people. At that point, we try to find the right resources for the prospective client. Other times, there are no options and, in with those situations, our job is to let the client know the nature of his or her position.  There’s value in understanding that there are no options.

Where we can be of service, our job is to first educate, then execute. There is rarely 100% certainty with any litigation or transactional matter, but through educating our clients, we can help them understand the risks and the process. Second, our focus is on execution with skill and precision coupled with communication.  What separates our practice is our ability to help client potential outcomes that are 2 and 3 years away so that they can make practical decisions today.

The “Win” Columns

The Firm has been involved with over 500 bankruptcy cases in the Southern District of California.  In addition to the bankruptcy practice, the following are a few of the litigation cases represent success stories and exemplify the type work that we do for clients:


I contacted the Gupta legal center for advice regarding a real estate litigation case. Ajay gave me sound and knowledgeable advice. I would feel comfortable choosing him and his services, agree with the previous reviews that recommend his agency.

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